DI Deionized Water Machine DI-250

1. By adopting advanced DI water making process, the machine making DI water auotomatically, output water quality is stable.
2. By using famous spare parts, the system working stable, low electric consumption, DI water high output.
3. Good quality pipes, more stable.
4. By adding MB levels, not only the DI water output raised, but also DI water quality is improved.
5. enclosed and integrated design, compact and firm.

DI-250 can produce 250L DI water per hour. DI-250 has 3 main parts: Pre-treatment, RO reverse and Resin MB . It is a small-foot-print, 24 hour automatic working, reliable and high productivity machine.


DI Water   Productivity: 250L/Hour DI Water   Resistivity: 15MΩ
DI Water Tank   Capacity: 160L Productivity   Rate: 50%
Tape Water   Supply: 1.5L/Hour Power Supply: AC220V,1 Phase,   50/60HZ,2.2KW
Machine Size: L1100xW1100xH1600 Weight: 400KG
High Light: DI Deionized   Water Machine, osmosis Deionized Water Machine, osmosis pcba cleaning machine


Machine advantages:
1. All in one integration design, compact machine.
2. Advanced DI water purify technology, RO reverse+ MB process.
3. Automatic working, DI water resistivity up to 15MΩ and stable.
4. Low electric power, low press RO film.
5. Multiple MB to improve Di water productivity and resistivity.
6. 24 hour working.
7. Machine stop immediately to protect itself once tap water supply is not enough.
8. RO system will stop once RO water tank reaches it high level position.


Item DI-250 DI-1000
Tap water supply 1.5T/Hour 3T/Hour
DI water productivity 250L/Hour 1000L/Hour
water tank capacity 160L 160L
DI water resistivity 15MΩ 15MΩ
Carbon+sand capacity 25L 50L
Soften resin 25L 50L
Ro film 40*40,1PCS 40*40,4PCS
MB resin 50L 50L
Power supply AC220V,50Hz, 2.2KW AC220V,50Hz, 5KW
Machine size(mm) 1100x110x1600 1300x1300x1800
Weight 400 700

Customer Question & Answer

Q1: What is DI water resistivity?
A1: At the begining, It is 17MΩ. The resistivity will decline as the machine using for several months. when it is low than 2MΩ, you need to replace carbon, sand, Ro film and resins in the machine, then it will continue to supply 17MΩ DI water again. Normally, one year later you need to replace the consume materials.

Q2: What is water change RATIO?
A2: 50% tap water will change to DI water, the rest 50% will change to condense water and drain out.

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