Pneumatic Fixture Cleaning Machine HJS-6600

Compressed Air Driven 1000mm Diameter Round Basket Reflow Oven Flux Cooler And Filter Cleaning Machine.

Pneumatic control, powerful cleaning ability, easy operation, easy maintenance. Air pumps, air motor, mechanical meters, mechanical valves.

HJS-6600 Compressed Air Driven 1000mm Diameter Round Basket Reflow Oven Flux Cooler And Filter Cleaning Machine. is used to clean flux on reflow oven coolers and filters…. It is a pneumatic cleaning machine, not use electric power. Both solvent and water based liquid can be used in this machine. Very easy to operate and maintenance.

Machine Features:

1. Pneumatic control, no use electric power at all, absolutely safe.
2. SUS 304 machine structure, resist Acid and Alkali corrosion, firm and attractive.
3. One-button easy operation, high pressure clean+ high pressure rinse+ compressed air dry, all process complete in one time automatically.
4. Closed-loop clean and rinse, clean solvent and rinse solvent is filtered in the machine
5. Solvent recycled to use to make cost down.
6. Both solvent and water-based liquid can be used.
7. Non-contact clean, protect cooler
8. Standard equipped with auto fill-in and drain-out function.
9. Inner lock safety design, once door open, the machine stops immediately.


Cleaning comparison pictures before and after cleaning:





Machine Spec:



Cleaning basket size

Φ1000 x H 200(mm)

Clean spray unit

Upper/Lower/front side, all-round spray,   basket rotate

2-level filter

1mm/20um filter

Clean time

5~15 Min

Rinse time

1~2 Min

Air dry time


Clean tank capacity


Rinse tank capacity


Clean spray pressure


Air supply


Machine size

L1450 x W1550 x H 1400 (mm)

Machine weight


Customer questions and Answers:

Q1: Is HJS-6600 safe?

A1: Yes, HJS-6600 do not use electric power, only compressed-air, so no risk of electricity, heat, sparks.


Q2: How HJS-6600 clean products?

A2: The products put on round basket, the upper and lower spray rods spray solvent while basket turns at low speed.

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