Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine HJS-1036A

1: Main purpose and scope of application: used for basic cleaning of various products, such as SMT fixture, nozzle, stencil etc.

2: Inner groove size: 650 * 500 * 440mm

3: Output: manually adjustable.

1200W standard single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine


1: Model: HJS-1036A

2: Main purpose and scope of application: used for basic cleaning of various products

3: Inner groove size: 650 * 500 * 440mm

4: Output: manually adjustable.

5: Main advantages of standard single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine:


A: The appearance of the equipment is beautiful. It is supported by four brake universal wheels, which can be pushed and fixed, and the operation is very flexible;

B: The appearance and liner materials are made of high-quality SUS304 / 316L stainless steel, which is durable;

C: Simple installation, easy operation, safety and reliability;

D: using high quality transducer and unique ultrasonic generator, the ultrasonic power is awesome.

E: Japanese high-Q vibrator chip is adopted to ensure strong vibration force, long service life and late ultrasonic power attenuation time.

F: Ultrasonic frequency can be selected: 28kHz, 40KHz, 68KHz, 80kHz, 120kHz, 135KHz, 180khz, 200kHz, etc;

G: It is designed with automatic temperature control heating device, and the temperature control range is generally ~ 100 ℃;

H: The ultrasonic generator and the tank can be made into one or split type.


Working conditions: 

Temperature: – 30 ℃ ~ normal temperature

Humidity: ≤ 80%

Plant grade: it is recommended to use standard plant

Ventilation: good

ROHS standard


Security level:

 Meet the safety production standard of machinery


Introduction of working process:

 The standard ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean a variety of products.

Check whether the machine is powered on. After power on, add an appropriate amount of liquid (some need cleaning agent), adjust the heating temperature to the temperature to be cleaned, generally about 60 degrees. Put the workpiece into the cleaning basket, then lift it into the tank, turn on the ultrasonic generator, and the ultrasonic starts to work. A cleaning process can be completed in about 5-10 minutes. Lift the workpiece, some need to be dried, others don’t. enter the next process to complete a cleaning process.

Ultrasonic generator: 

Generally, the ultrasonic frequency used in ultrasonic equipment is 28kHz and 40KHz;

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