Screen Cleaning Machine HJS-5600

HJS-5600 is a 120L water tank Automatic Screen Cleaning Machine 1000 mm water ink cleaning machine. Water based ink is very difficult to clean by using water. Our HJS-5600 adopts high pressure water spray cleaning technology to clean water based printed ink screen to make it clean and dry and waiting for use nex time. HJS-5600 adopts up and down scan water spray power to wash out ink residual on screen.

Notice: Put the screen into HJS-5600 quickly after taken out from screen printing machine. Never delay!


Machine Feature:

1. High pressure water, wash water based ink quickly.
2. Totally SUS 304 structure, resist Acid and Alkali corrosion, 10 years lifespan.
3. One-key operation, clean, rinse and dry process complete automatically according to pre-setting time procedure
4.Multi-level precise filtration system, Solvent repeated use in the machine.
5. Standard equipped with auto water fill in and drain out function.
6. Cut off 10% printing defect, significantly improve printing quality
7. Improve Screen Mesh clean workshop environment, reduce solvent volatile unpleasant flavor.
8. Reduce screen damage rate to less than 1%, extend lifespan of Screen.
9. water repeated use, cost down, greatly reduce water treatment cost.


Machine Spec:



Screen size  1000 x 1000 x 40mm( Lx W x H)

Water tank capacity

Clean time 1~3min
Rinse time 1~2min
Dry time 3~5min
Air consumption 600~800L/min
Air supply 0.5~0.7Mpa
Air vent size Φ124 × H30 (mm)
Filter system 3-class filtration system
Clean mode Clean +rinse + dry
Machine size L1750 x W1550 x H 2000(mm)
Machine weight 780kg

Customer Questions and Answers:

Q1: Does this machine use cleaning liquid:

A2: No, only use tap water.


Q2: Can we use this machine to clean other type ink?

A2: No, we do not recommend, only water-based ink.


Q3: Can we use this machine to do screen stripping and developing work?

Q3: Yes. You can, this machine is a multiple usage machine.


Q4: Can water recycling used in this machine?

A4: Yes. but we suggest to put defoamer agent time to time to decrease the foam caused by water-based ink.

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