Offline PCBA Cleaning Machine HJS-7100

HJS-7100 is an off-line PCBA cleaning mahcine. It is a compact, energy-saving and environmental protection machine.

HJS-7100 is used to wash off flux residual, solder balls, partichles on PCBA, such as: rosin flux, non-clean flux,water-soluble flux.Mainly used in military,aviation, aerospace, medical, new energy, automotive electronics industries, especially suitable for small amount, multiple types PCBA cleaning.

HJS-7100 is an off-line PCBA cleaning machine. It is a compact, energy saving and environmental protection machine. 
HJS-7100 is used to wash off flux residual, solder balls, particles on PCBA, such as: rosin flux, non-clean flux, water-soluble flux. Mainly used in military, aviation, aerospace, medical, new energy, automotive electronics industries, especially suitable for small amount, multiple types PCBA cleaning.


HJS-7100 advantages:

1. Throughly clean rosin flux, water-soluble flux, non-clean flux, solder paste and other organic and inorganic contaminations on PCBA.

2. 2-layers cleaning basket: 610mm(L) ×560mm(W) × 100mm(H) x2 layers.

3. All processes are visible through a large observation window.

4 .Easy operation interface, quick setting clean parameters. Different passwords can be set.

5. Inner filter makes liquid used repeated.


6.Real-time measure DI water resistivity and monitoring cleaning effect. Resistivity range is 0~18 MΩ.

7. The remaining liquid in the pump and pipes are blown off by compressed air and flow back to cleaning tank. This function saves detergent up to 50%.

8. High standard cleanliness, ionic contamination completely meets the requirement of IIPC-610D I class.

9. SUS304 stainless steel structure, exquisite workmanship, strong and durable, acid and alkali cleaning solution corrosion resistance


Comparison pictures before clean and after clean:



Cleaning basket size L610xW560xH100mmx 2layers
Diluent liquid tank capacity 60L
Spray liquid tank capacity 18L
Concentrate tank capacity 30L
Cleaning time 5~20min
Rinse time 1~2 min/times
Rinse times 1~10times
Dry time 10~30min
Diluent liquid heat temp room temp ~60ºC
PCB dry time room temp~99ºC
Resistivity range 0~18MΩ
Liquid filter 0.2um
DI water filter 0.2um
Air filter 10um
Vent size φ76XH50(mm)
Power supply AC380, 3 Phases, 50/60Hz, 30KW
Air supply 0.5Mpa, 400L/Min
Machine size L1300xW1200x1850(mm)
Machine weight 600KG

Customer Question & Answer

Q1: What is the cycle time of HJS-7100 batch cleaning machine?

A1: Total 30~45min. wash 10min+rinse 10min+dry 10~25min. 


Q2: What liquid can be used in HJS-7100 to clean PCBA?

A2: It decided by electronical components and solder paste on your PCBA. Water-based PCBA cleaning liquid wash, DI water rinse.


Q3: Have many PCBAs can HJS-7100 clean in one cycle?

A3: L200*W100mm size PCBA for example, it can clean 30~40pcs.


Q4: Does the PCBAs need to bake after wash, rinse and dry process in the machine?

A4: Sure, PCBAs after clean need to put into electric oven and bake for 2 hours at 100~110℃ or 4hours at 80~90℃to make the PCBA totally dry.

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