PCBA Surface Cleaning Machine HJS-4000

The full-automatic PCB board surface cleaning machine is applicable to online cleaning the fine board chips, dust, fiber, hair, skin debris, metal micro particles and other foreign matters on the PCB pad surface before solder paste printing or adhesive coating, so as to ensure that the PCB surface is in a clean state and eliminate poor welding such as false soldering, empty soldering, warping and skewing in advance, so as to reduce hidden dangers and improve product quality. Special equipment developed and designed according to PCB cleaning requirements of FRT production line. The standard is equipped with the function of removing static electricity, which completely eliminates static interference. Contact cleaning method, with a cleaning rate of more than 99%, ensures efficient, stable and lasting cleaning effect.

Production line layout

4000pcb surface cleaning machine is a board surface cleaning system with a new concept. Two sticky rollers adhere the dust on the PCB, use high-pressure ionic air to remove board chips, fibers, hair, powder particles and other debris, and then the sticky rollers contact the sticky paper face to face to collect the pollutants on the rollers; Ensure that the PCB surface is clean before printing, eliminate poor soldering in advance, and improve product quality.



Product structure and function

Main structure composition: the equipment is mainly composed of frame, brush mechanism, dust adhering roller mechanism, vacuum cleaner, electrostatic removal device, PCB board conveying mechanism, man-machine control display screen and electric control box


Product features

Touch screen control interface is adopted, and the operation is simple and easy to understand

The rail feeding direction can be switched at will, left → right or right → left

The front end has a brush function, which has a stronger ability to remove debris and hair

The entrance and exit of PCB board are equipped with anti-static devices to reduce the bad patch and static damage caused by static electricity in the process of mounting

It has counting function and numerical control speed display function

Dust roll paper replacement cycle reminder function

According to the high cleaning demand of PCB boards, anti-static cleaning brushes and vacuum cleaners are developed and designed to ensure efficient and stable cleaning effects.

Machine Spec:

Technical specifications

Project                             HJS-4000 specification / parameter                                           remarks

PCB size                           50×50 ~ 300×300 (LXW) mm                                                    Customized for large board

PCB thickness:                 0.5 ~ 3.2mm                                                                             Board below 0.4mm customized

Conveying height:           900 ± 25 mm

Cleaning brush                1set

Vacuum cleaner               1set

Dust sticking roller           front and rear each 1

Sticky paper                     1roll

Track direction:                 left → right or right → left (optional)

Rail fixed edge                 (front fixed or rear fixed) (optional)

Track width adjustment:   manual and automatic track width adjustment (optional)

Static eliminator:               built in                                                                                      special static eliminator (optional)

Air source:                         0.4-0.5mpa

Power supply:                    AC220V, 50Hz                                                                           special voltage needs to be specified

Overall dimension:            (mm) 890x600x1400

Weight:                             140kg

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