Rotary Plasma Surface Processor HJS-R1000D

The utility model relates to an atmospheric rotary plasma surface treatment equipment. The rotation of the spray gun can realize the plasma treatment with high relative speed, and can obtain a very uniform treatment effect. Because of the modular design of the spray gun, it can flexibly adjust different rotation speeds and processing diameters according to the user’s specific surface treatment needs, especially for large areas of fine and uniform processing objects.

1. Advanced discharge technology is adopted, with high plasma density, stable and uniform treatment;
2. Flexible equipment layout can be installed on existing production lines or robots to achieve automatic operation;
3. Multiple nozzles can be connected in parallel, and multi-point remote control can be used to achieve large-area surface treatment;
4. Low operation cost, use nitrogen or clean compressed air;
5. Different types of nozzles can be used to meet the surface treatment requirements of different application scenarios.

Applicable fields:
1. Automobile industry
Activate the windshield glass and lamp before bonding, and clean the particle impurities (dust, additives, mold release agent, etc.) on the surface; The sealing strip shall be treated before spraying or flocking; Pretreatment before painting, coating, in mold decoration and in mold labeling of instrument panel, door or other parts; Ultra fine cleaning of aluminum frame, ceramic coating, etc.
2. Packaging printing
Surface pretreatment before bonding, printing or covering of paper and paperboard; Pretreatment of plastic packaging (plastic film, PP, PE, etc.) before inkjet, printing and spraying; Pretreatment of glass bottles and metal cans before spraying, bonding and coating.
3. Textile printing and dyeing
Fiber and yarn removal of size and softener, singeing, flame retardant coating treatment; Pretreatment of fabric or non-woven fabric dyeing, printing or combination of water-based materials; Waterproof and oil resistant coating pretreatment of functional fabrics.
4. Plastic rubber
Silicone, rubber and other materials are sprayed, printed, activated and cleaned before bonding; Pretreatment of plastic parts before printing and painting.
5. Medical industry
Pretreatment of medical soft/hard material bonding treatment; Super fine cleaning, sterilization and disinfection of implants; The surface of medical devices is sprayed with antibacterial coating.
6. Electronics industry
The surface of the circuit board is activated to ensure the permanent adhesion of the resistance paste; PCB drilling cleaning; Improve the adhesion between layers of flexible printed circuit boards.
7. Semiconductor industry
Silicon wafer nano ultra fine cleaning to remove carbohydrates and particles; Clean the chip lead before jointing.

Machine Spec:

Plasma spray gun
Spray gun size L 200mm ;Diameter 50mm
Processing width 20mm
Weight of spray gun 2Kg 
Plasma power supply
power 1000W
frequency 20KHz
control Remote control or PLC control
size W260 mm;H200 mm; D360 mm
weight 15Kg
Air supply Compressed air, pressure 3-4MPa
Power supply Single phase AC220V; 50/60Hz ;


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