Vacuum Plasma Cleaning Machine HJS-V300L

300L large vacuum plasma cleaning equipment
A large vacuum plasma cleaning machine with large processing space, which can customize the internal structure of the cabin and the number of electrode layers, is applicable to the plasma surface treatment requirements of most industrial scenes. It can clean, etch, activate and modify plastics, metals, glass, paper, textiles and composite materials, enhance the adhesion and bonding force, and remove organic pollutants and oil stains at the same time.


1. The discharge device with special treatment and structure ensures the formation of stable and uniform plasma
2. High vacuum chamber design and manufacturing process, with excellent sealing
3. Ultra low treatment temperature, meeting the temperature requirements of different occasions, without causing thermal damage and thermal oxidation of cleaning products
4. Regardless of the substrate type of the object to be processed, any object with this capacity can be processed, such as metal, semiconductor, oxidation
And most polymer materials
5. For safety protection, the one button emergency stop protection button is introduced to quickly stop the machine operation and reduce the damage caused by operation errors
Sample damage
6. Different gas media can be used for treatment (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen or mixed gas and other gases)
The final surface chemical structure and properties of the material have good controllability
7. The independently developed operating system precisely controls the test time, vacuum degree, power and other important parameters, which is simple and intelligent
8. Flexible configuration, optional two frequencies and power, applicable to different product requirements
9. Highly automated operation, reducing personnel intervention and secondary pollution risk


1. The gas supply system adopts high-precision flowmeter, which can accurately adjust the flow of working gas;
2. Multiple gas channels are designed to maximize the use of different gases and mixed gases;
3. High stability vacuum pump (dry pump or oil pump) is adopted to realize balanced emission of waste gas;
4. With flexible process parameter setting ability, it can provide different plasma generation conditions for various industries to optimize the cleaning effect;
5. The polarity and spacing of electrode plates can be selected according to different needs to obtain the most appropriate plasma;
6. The advanced power supply matching system can adjust the load impedance to ensure the optimal plasma density and repeatability.

Application scenario
Electronics industry: activation of electronic components before filling; Bonding plate cleaning
Medical industry: biological material activation; Surface treatment of medical devices in vivo and in vitro
Optical photoelectric: lens cleaning; Improve contact lens wettability; ITO panel cleaning and activation
Electronics industry: remove glue residue and carbide in the hole; Teflon activation; Circuit board surface cleaning
Semiconductor industry: silicon wafer and wafer photoresist removal; Clean the lead before welding; Pre treatment of chip bottom filling surface
Large vacuum plasma cleaning equipment Plasma cleaning equipment is widely used in semiconductor, electronics, optical and photoelectric, biomedical, automotive, aerospace, scientific research and other general industrial fields for workpiece surface cleaning, spraying, modification, etching, etc.

Machine Spec:

Cavity capacity About 300L; W600mm*H600mm*D800mm
RF power supply 1000W,40kHz; 300W,13.56MHz
Number of electrode layers 1-4 layers optional
Vacuum gauge 1*10-2~1*105
Flowmeter 2-4 channel MFC
Ultimate vacuum 20Pa or less
Control system 10 inch PLC touch screen (manual/automatic)
Process gas Oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen or mixed gas
Process gas interface I.D 4mm,O. D 6mm
Host size W1500mm; H1800mm; D1350mm
Supporting accessories 1 vacuum pump (dry pump or oil pump optional), 1 corrugated pipe;
Installing the power supply 380V/16A

Where can this machine be used:

A. Semiconductor
1. Cleaning of electronic components, PCB, IC chips, semiconductor silicon chips and other surfaces, activation and enhanced binding.
2. It can improve the adhesion between the grains and the pad conductive adhesive, solder paste wettability, and LED packaging.
3. Plasma cleaning can effectively remove the surface contaminants in the bonding area and increase its coarseness, improve the bonding tension of the leads, and greatly improve the reliability of the packaging devices
B. 3C digital
1. Glass cover plate: improve the surface activity of the cover plate, remove static electricity, and increase the coating adhesion
2. Touch screen: clean and activate the surface before fitting LCD/OLED/TP
3. Mobile camera module cleaning, cleaning before LENS/VCM assembly
4. PC plastic frame bonding pretreatment; Oil spraying silk screen treatment on the surface of structural parts such as casing, keyboard and key knob
C. Packaging industry
1. Professionally improve the fastness of coated paper, glazing paper, polishing, gold and silver card, aluminized paper, UV OPP PP PET and other color boxes and color box surface pasting boxes
2. Plasma pretreatment before welding of milk powder cans and beverage cans
3. Plasma cleaning reduces grinding pollution, eliminates paper powder pollution of pasting machine, saves consumables and glue use cost
D. Printing and inkjet printing
1. Plasma pretreatment before pad printing, silk screen printing and ink-jet printing on the surface of plastic, metal, glass and other composite materials to improve the adhesion of the material surface to the ink.
2. PE PTEE pretreatment of silicone rubber wire and cable
3. Pretreatment of PVC PET ABS smart card before printing
E. Plastic rubber
1. The pretreatment of spraying, printing, electroplating, bonding, and flocking of PP PVC PET PC PE PTEE and other plastic materials can prevent characters from falling off and make the bonding more firm.
2. Surface modification and removal of surface contaminants before spraying, printing, electroplating and bonding of various plastics, silica gel, rubber, metal and other materials
3. Pretreatment before plastic surgical printing and painting of mobile phones, computers, toys, etc. to improve surface adhesion.
F. Furniture and household appliances
1. Surface coating, spraying and plasma activation before bonding of daily necessities and household appliances to improve product surface adhesion and bonding force
2. The printing pretreatment can make the printing more firm without falling off
3. Pretreatment of coating to make the coating more firm

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